Judicial Watch • 5 More Ways You Can Fight Corruption Now!

5 More Ways You Can Fight Corruption Now!

5 More Ways You Can Fight Corruption Now!

APRIL 03, 2013

1. Use this website  to learn more about all of our anti-corruption investigations and lawsuits, especially those involving the Obama administration. Share what you learn and educate your local community by writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper that focuses on the need for better government transparency, stronger ethics in Congress, and respect for the rule of law.

2. Contact your elected representative in Congress and ask them to support strong ethics, accountability and transparency for both the Obama administration and for members of Congress. Specifically, tell your representatives in Congress to conduct proper oversight of the Obama “czar” appointments and to conduct a full investigation into the ACORN scandal. You can contact Congress on the Internet throughhttp://thomas.loc.gov/home/contactingcongress.html.

3. Call (1-202-456-1414) or write the White House to urge the president to instruct all federal agencies to comply with Judicial Watch’s lawful FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) document requests. Investigate public corruption and advocate for transparency directly through your own open records requests. Use our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Handbook and other resources (http://www.judicialwatch.org/open-records-laws-and-resources/) to learn how you can ask your local, state or federal government for information about their activities.

4. Call, write or visit your local (town, city or county) police department to ask that they not provide illegal “sanctuary” to illegal aliens residing in your area.

5. Contact Congress and the White House (see above) to demand better oversight and disclosure over the use tax monies being used to bail out various interests through the TARP and other trillion dollar bailout programs. Learn more about the issues related to these scandalous bailouts here —http://www.judicialwatch.org/financial-crisis.

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  • Pg America

    It’s part of the Great Deception. The same reason the preachers don’t teach about the Kingdom of the Free, Nor do those agencies that are supposed to help. They all get their funding from the enemy we are fighting against for Freedom and Justice. Same as lawyers in these Kangaroo courts. Since they violate the cause to the free people they are agents of foreign courts.

  • Icthelite

    I’m with you, I say what good does all this do? Things are found out names are named. Broken laws are revealed but after the the initial news about it and a couple of weak followups everything dies and it business as usual for those that have ripped of the citizenry and maybe a hand slap for those caught doing wrong.
    JW fries out some good stories but I’ve concluded that is about all they are. There’s no change noticed after disclosure.

  • AAAmerican

    I have done the relevant things you suggested above. What does it take to get JW involved and help? I don’t have thousands of dollars to donate to you. I thought of JW as a possible source for people who learn of corruption to make reports and JW would help pursue justice.

  • LuckyLindy

    Note: I made an error in my recent post below. I will try to correct it in the text. Here it is: The Maine AG is Janet Mills, not Martha Coakley. The address remains the same.

  • LuckyLindy

    This is to let all Americans who care about their “Rights” under the Bill of Rights know the following FACTS as I personally know them to be: The State of MAINE CORPORATION and its corrupt Department of Agriculture has allowed their ANIMAL WELFARE HUMANE AGENTS to illegally take owner’s animals (Property under the Law) without DUE PROCESS OF LAW.
    I urge all Americans to make their voice heard by writing toGovernor Paul LePage, Governor’s Office, 1 State House Station Augusta, ME 04333 and to the Office of the Attorney General, A.G.Janet Mills, 6 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333.
    State in your letter the following: The State of Maine Corporation and its Officials must be held responsibly to uphold the Rights of the People under the Bill of Rights and the Maine Constitution and United States Constitution and Amendments. All citizens of any state and all Citizens of all 50 united states are entitled, BY LAW, to DUE PROCESS. Maine is in violation of the citizens of Maine’s Rights by not affording them Due Process, and by extension, ALL CITIZENS DUE PROCESS RIGHTS are seriously affected. What happens in one state affects all 50 states and “CORRUPTION” spreads. As a citizen, I am therefore asking you to conduct a formal CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION into all matters Agricultural, Governmental. and Financial and to report your findings to Judicial Watch and the Department of Defense in Washington, D.C. for further action. This will show your desire to be responsible as your state is operating outside the law.
    This letter is an example only and is stated here so you will have some idea of what to say and how to write it. The owners of animals in Maine for many years now have suffered the loss of their animals, i.e. dogs, cats, horses. Animal Humane Agents and State Police and Deputy Sherrifs have come without NOTICE onto the Peoples’ PRIVATE PROPERTY and without the Owners’ CONSENT and violated their POSTED NO TRESSPASSING SIGNS in plain sight and did an ILLEGAL SEARCH. Once they have already done a search known as a “FISHING EXPEDITION”, NO SEARCH WARRANT CAN BE ISSUED. Any information obtained in this manner cannot be used in a court case as it was obtained illegally. It falls under the POISONOUS TREE DOCTRINE. Additionally, NO PROPERTY can be taken until an Accused has had their Due Process, including a Trial By Jury in a proper Court of Law and a finding of Guilt.
    All of the legal information contained here can be verified at any Law Library.

    It is hoped that in the sharing of the above and participation of all Americans voicing their concerns in an effort to stop the “SEEDS OF DOMESTIC TERRORISM, which Corruption is and furthers, from spreading, both in America and to other Countries, especially those countries the United States borders, i.e. Canada and Mexico. The United States as well as its Instrumentalities (States) have a duty to The United Nations through its Membership to keep our country “Clean” and to conduct ourselves properly as regards Human Rights. All Humans have the Unalienable, God-given Right to own Property. Please write NOW while you can. It affects ALL OF US. Thank you.

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