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 For Immediate Release
Jan 19, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Judicial Watch today said there were troubling questions about the conduct of the lawyers who are defending President Clinton in the Senate this week.

Charles Ruff, Clinton White House Counsel - Ruff, in his prior private practice, represented the Teamsters union. As part of this work for the Teamsters, his firm also reportedly received $250,000 of union funds. Mr. Ruff reportedly relayed $152,883 of that money to private investigator Jack Palladino, best known for containing President Clinton's "bimbo eruptions" in the 1992 campaign.

David Kendall, Clinton's private defense counsel - Along with Bob Bennett, David Kendall employed on President Clinton's behalf private investigators such as Terry Lenzner and Larry Potts of IGI. It is now apparent that these and other Kendall-connected investigators are digging up dirt on members of Congress, Ken Starr, and various witnesses. Also, Mr. Kendall has yet to disassociate himself with the false testimony of his client President Clinton.

Cheryl Mills, deputy White House Counsel - Mills is accused by Congress of providing false testimony and improperly withholding subpoenaed evidence from Congress about Bill and Hillary Clinton's intimate involvement in the infamous White House Office Database (WHODb or "Big Brother"). Ms. Mills conduct has been referred by a House committee to the Department of Justice for investigation of possible perjury and obstruction.

Gregory Craig, Clinton White House Special Counsel - Craig defended the attempted murderer of President Reagan, John W. Hinckley, Jr. While the representation of Hinckley per se is not unethical, a defense lawyer who defended an attempted assassin of the President of the United States should not be part of these proceedings.

Judicial Watch suggests a critical eye be cast on the conduct of these Clinton defenders who will attack the House prosecutors and others for trying to uphold the law.

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