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 For Immediate Release
Jan 25, 1999 Contact: Press Office

Republicans Blew Impeachment and Trial

Tripp Filegate Testimony Shows Much More Serious Matters "Overlooked"

Conservatives Will Not Be Fooled By Face-Saving Measures During "Impeachment Death Watch"

The conviction and removal from office of William Jefferson Clinton was doomed even before the impeachment trial began. As predicted by Judicial Watch, the decision by Henry Hyde and the House Republican leadership to limit impeachment to only the Lewinsky scandal sowed the seeds of failure. Now the House managers thrash around, desperately interviewing Monica Lewinsky, to try to avoid what has been pre-ordained - a Senate "show trial" designed to allow members of both parties to bow out gracefully. It is clearer than ever that justice has once again been subverted by Republican incompetence, fueled by excessive reliance on Ken Starr.

On December 14, 1998, and on January 5, 13, and 22, 1999, Linda Tripp testified to Judicial Watch in the Filegate matter. Copies of her deposition transcripts can be found on the Internet at Tripp not only confirmed the misuse of FBI files (while naming a number of other witnesses who could verify her testimony), she also offered that Ken Starr never asked her one substantive question about the scandal. See also this week's "Washington Weekly" web site.

"Even if a witness or two is called, it is now clear that the impeachment trial will end in failure. The trial was destined to fail from the date Hyde decided to limit the proceeding to only Lewinsky. Now Republicans must explain to their supporters why they never wanted to succeed or, if they did want to succeed, why they are so incompetent. I expect the answers will not be reassuring," stated Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman.

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