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 For Immediate Release
Jan 27, 1999 Contact: Press Office

President's Lawyers Obtain Continuance of Court Hearing in Dolly Kyle Browning RICO Suit

Senate Proceedings Claimed as Reason Needed for Delay

Court Hearing Rescheduled for February 16

A federal judge yesterday granted the request of President Clinton's personal attorneys to delay a status conference scheduled for Thursday, January 28 until February 16. David Kendall, the President's personal attorney, claimed the press of Senate proceedings as reason for the requested delay. The case at issue is Dolly Kyle Browning's RICO suit against Mr. Clinton and others alleging a series of threats and other actions designed to prevent Mrs. Browning from telling the truth about her relationship with Clinton and from publishing her fictionalized account of her life story, Purposes of the Heart. Mrs. Browning is represented by Judicial Watch.

Ms. Browning was first threatened in 1992 by an agent of Bill Clinton, who told her that "if you cooperate with the media, we will destroy you." In 1994 (during their high school reunion in Hot Springs, Arkansas), Mrs. Browning and Mr. Clinton had a discussion about this threat (among other things) and Mr. Clinton disingenuously apologized to her. Despite threats and the discouragement of Bill Clinton and his agents, Mrs. Browning testified when subpoenaed in the Paula Jones case and testified truthfully. During his deposition in the Jones case, Mr. Clinton followed through on earlier threats and lied under oath about her. He falsely testified that he did not have a sexual relationship with Mrs. Browning and tried to destroy her credibility by defaming her. Mr. Clinton also introduced his own manufactured and fraudulent handwritten notes which, among other falsehoods, contained a flagrantly false account of the 1994 high school reunion.

Henry Hyde's staffers investigated Mrs. Browning's testimony and obtained affidavits verifying key parts of her account - thereby adding additional proof of presidential perjury and obstruction of justice. Hyde's chief investigator David Schippers had wanted her to testify during the House impeachment proceedings and she was reported to be one of the witnesses House prosecutors had wanted to bring forward in the Senate trial.

"Despite the temporary delay, President Clinton will almost certainly have to face these charges in federal court. Obviously, at this time, he does not want to face one of the victims of the perjury and obstruction for which he is on trial in the Senate," stated Larry Klayman, Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel.

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