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 For Immediate Release
Jan 28, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Republicans in Full Retreat As "Justice System Burns"

Judicial Watch today responded to news that Republican and Democratic Senators are conspiring, behind closed doors, to let President Clinton off the hook for his serious felonious behavior in the Lewinsky matter.

"The Carville-Flynt-Clinton threats and intimidation have worked. The FBI files, the private investigators, and the Clinton White House smear machine ensured that the Senate will not convict and remove this President for his criminal conduct," stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel.

"The latest plan being floated by Trent Lott - a finding of 'fact' that actually never mentions perjury or obstruction - shows that this whole trial has been a sham from the start," Klayman continued. "This has been a 'Potemkin' trial - the veneer of investigation on the surface, cover-up, corruption, and successful intimidation tactics behind the scenes."

Judicial Watch warned that large portions of the electorate concerned about Clinton criminality will become disaffected and permanently alienated.

Judicial Watch issued a call to concerned Americans to take control of the process. "Those conservatives and principled moderates and liberals concerned about unchecked criminality in the Oval Office and elsewhere in government must rise up. Those politicians who ignore and do nothing about corruption are corrupt," said Klayman. "There must be a Second American Revolution against the bipartisan corruption in Washington, DC. Dishonest politicians must be held accountable through the courts and by the people."

Judicial Watch's investigations concerning Filegate, Chinagate, IRS-gate, and other serious Clinton scandals will intensify in coming months. "Congress and independent counsels have not done the job. Judicial Watch will, with the support of the American people," concluded Klayman. Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, added, "Our justice system is burning, as politicians plot and put the finishing touches on their cover-up."

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