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 For Immediate Release
Jan 29, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Judicial Watch Credited For Groundbreaking Public Dissemination of Deposition Videos From Public Corruption Cases

Judicial Watch today encouraged the U.S. Senate to release, immediately upon their completion, the upcoming videotaped depositions of Monica Lewinsky, Sidney Blumenthal, and Vernon Jordan. Judicial Watch is known for the groundbreaking public dissemination of videotaped depositions in its corruption cases concerning the Clinton Administration and its allies. Among more famous Judicial Watch depositions have been those of John Huang (from its Chinagate case), Linda Tripp, James Carville, Harold Ickes, and George Stephanopoulos (all from its Filegate lawsuit). (Clips of the Linda Tripp deposition are available on the Judicial Watch web site at

"Judicial Watch has litigated this issue several times and won," said Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman. "In fact, even the Clinton Justice Department supports our right to disseminate videotaped depositions in the Chinagate matter."

Klayman noted that the camera catches nuances that transcripts miss. "When former White House official William Kennedy was asked by Judicial Watch if he had kept stacks of Republican FBI files, he literally choked before making a weak denial. That choking speaks volumes and can only be appreciated on video," he explained. (This clip is also available at

"Corruption withers when exposed to the light of day. The immediate release of these videotaped depositions will allow the public to make a more informed judgment about Clinton's fate," Klayman concluded.

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