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Feb 8, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Ex-White House Intern Testified in Filegate Suit That Jordan "Offered Counsel" and Career Advice

A former White House intern testified that Vernon Jordan gave her "counsel" and career advice over the course of several private lunches and dinners. Stacey Parker, who later became an aide to White House official Paul Begala, met Jordan while she was an intern for George Stephanopoulos. She was questioned on March 18, 1998 in the Filegate lawsuit brought by Judicial Watch on behalf of those former Reagan and Bush staffers and others whose FBI files were illegally obtained and misused by the Clinton White House. At the time of her deposition, Ms. Parker was an assistant to Clinton aide Paul Begala. Judicial Watch deposed Ms. Parker because, among other things, she had handled a facsimile from James Carville to the Clinton White House's "Opposition Research Office," where a number of former Carville employees and campaign workers were employed.

Ms. Parker testified that Jordan "offered me counsel in the past. I have, I have, I consider him a friend." She said that Jordan "kind of tried to help me figure out what I'd be interested in doing. But he - I'm not aware of any phone calls he's ever placed on my behalf or any actions he's done on my behalf to assist me in getting a job."

When the issue of Jordan's "counsel" of Ms. Parker came up in the videotaped deposition, Clinton Administration lawyers heatedly objected and demanded a break in the deposition, presumably to consult with Ms. Parker. One Clinton Administration lawyer was heard to exclaim off the record, "Oh, God."

"Ms. Parker's testimony is obviously also relevant to the Lewinsky scandal," stated Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman.

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