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 For Immediate Release
Feb 9, 1999 Contact: Press Office

"The Fix Is In"


From day one, with a few limited exceptions, such as Bob Barr, Republicans have never wanted to impeach and convict Bill Clinton. Instead, the "conventional wisdom" was only to begin and conduct a limited proceeding -- concerning only the Lewinsky matter -- to weaken his Presidency and Party during the 1998 election cycle, and leading up to the elections in the year 2000. This explains why, despite pleas from conservatives and others, House Republicans never allowed Chinagate, Filegate and the other Clinton scandals to enter into the "equation." These scandals, if permitted to be a part of the impeachment proceedings, would have doomed Clinton's Presidency and forced him to leave office in the interests of justice. So too would have even a limited Lewinsky inquiry, if the House had allowed investigation of the various threats made by Clinton to the women, such as Dolly Kyle Browning, Kathleen Willey, Linda Tripp, Jane Doe #5, and others who have come forward to speak the truth about the President. In short, House Republicans, by keeping the impeachment proceedings much too limited, sowed the seeds of their ultimate defeat.

Senate Republicans, without exception, have never been sincere in any respect in their actions. Limiting the inquiry to just "sex, lies and videotapes," and conducting a trial with only 3 witnesses, Senate Republicans have perverted justice and conducted a sham proceeding. Now they want to again go behind closed doors to deliberate on the verdict, so the public will not know about their discussions with Democrats to "save face" for their cowardly refusal to uphold the rule of law. One can only surmise that behind "closed doors," Republicans are begging Democrats to get the message to Larry Flynt, James Carville, Sidney Blumenthal and the other "dirt diggers" of the Administration not to "out" them during this interim period of retreat from their Constitutional duty.

"The political games of the Republican Party are transparent. Conservatives will not forget this outrage, and perversion of our legal process," declared Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman. "Democrats are responsible for their gross dishonesty, but the role of the opposition Party is to make sure that the guilty are held accountable," he added.

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