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 For Immediate Release
Feb 12, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Republicans Conducted A Sham Trial And Have Not Properly Investigated Other Government Corruption, Including Their Own

Democrats To Become "Party of Perjurers"

Today, the American people will learn the unvarnished truth; that their political parties no longer represent basic Judeo-Christian principles, such as the Ten Commandments, and remain in office only to perpetuate their own power. Government, if you want to call it that, mostly goes through the motions only to further its own interests; hinging on a giant money machine that generates cash for not only its political participants, but those who live off the system, such as lobbyists, consultants, pollsters and others. The system has become so corrupt that Americans should stop believing that we live in a country much different than Italy, Mexico, Brazil and other countries who, admirably, are now attempting to clean up the rampant bribery and criminality in their political societies.

"In an optimistic way, although today is a day which truly will live in infamy in American history, at least the American people will learn the truth about both major political parties," stated Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman. "Even the Chief House Investigator in the impeachment proceedings, an honorable man named David Schippers, was quoted as saying yesterday: 'They refused to let us prove our case'", added Klayman. "The reason is simple; mutual assured destruction, where both parties checkmate each other, with threats of retaliation, to cover-up their mutual corruption. President Lincoln, whose birthday is today, must be turning in his grave," concluded Klayman.

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