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 For Immediate Release
Feb 16, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Investigation By Judicial Watch Client, Tom Flocco, Indicates That Specter In "Hip Pocket" Of Clinton Administration and Teamsters

How did Senator Arlen Specter become an expert in Scottish law, leading to his bizarre reasoning justifying his vote to acquit President Clinton in the impeachment proceedings? Just ask Joan Specter, his wife, who on May 22, 1998 -- at the height of the Lewinsky controversy -- received a Presidential appointment as a member the National Council on the Arts. See enclosed notice. As the French would say, "Quelle coincidence!"

Compounding the likely payoff, Specter has a close history of working with mob-related Teamsters and other unions, and a quick review of his contributions from crime-related figures shows that he should be included in the on-going Congressional and independent counsel investigations. Did union money also influence Mr. Specter's strange conduct?

Judicial Watch plans to post Flocco's research on Arlen Specter on its web site later today at, so the American people can not only judge for themselves, but also begin a long process to clean up the corruption rampant in both political parties.

"The 'age of innocence' is over. Americans must wake up and realize that their government has been bought and sold, not only to the Chinese, but from within. Given their dishonest behavior, Senate Republicans and Democrats -- who made a sham of the impeachment trial -- must both be investigated to find out exactly why they subverted the U.S. Constitution. Its time to hold corrupt politicians of all stripes accountable," stated Judicial Watch Chairman and President Larry Klayman and Tom Fitton.

White House Announcement Concerning Joan Specter

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