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 For Immediate Release
Feb 22, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Refuses Again To Answer Questions About Search For Filegate Documents

Today, George Stephanopoulos was redeposed in Judicial Watch's $90 million dollar class action lawsuit on behalf of the Reagan and Bush officials whose FBI files were improperly obtained and used by the Clinton White House. Mr. Stephanopoulos was in a key position in the Clinton White House during Filegate -- and in particular when the scandal broke, playing a key role in damage control. He is therefore a key witness.

Mr. Stephanopoulos was ordered by the Court to reapppear for deposition, because the Court found not only that he had not done an adequate search for documents before the last round of testimony, but that he also was not truthful about it. As a result, Mr. Stephanopoulos was ordered to conduct a "second search," as well as to pay attorneys fees and costs.

During the deposition today, Mr. Stephanopoulos again gave testimony showing that he had not done an adequate second search, as ordered by the Court about one year ago. When Judicial Watch lawyers sought to probe him about specific aspects of the second search as ordered by the Court, he refused to answer questions and unilaterally walked out of the deposition.

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