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Feb 23, 1999 Contact: Press Office


GOP Abandons Yet Another Commitment to Principle

Under the guise of a fragile majority, the House GOP has all but abandoned its commitment to cutting taxes for middle-income Americans, lending further evidence of a timid party on its way to minority status. "Itís truly a shame to watch," said Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman. "This is a party that completely walked away from its responsibilities on impeachment, and now, somehow, it has managed to become ashamed of pushing the centerpiece of the conservative agenda. Republicans are completely adrift: no core, no vision, and no guts."

Klaymanís comments came in response to todayís Washington Post headline, which indicated House GOP leaders were prepared to give up their across-the-board tax cut plan in favor of the targeted tax cuts favored by President Clinton. This proposal, says Klayman, essentially amounts to more government intervention in peopleís lives. "The Republican Party is abandoning its principles. There is little to no difference between them and their Democrat colleagues. Conservatives should no longer look to the GOP for leadership. Its time has come and gone."

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