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 For Immediate Release
Mar 4, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Consistent With Admissions Made By Clinton to Dolly Kyle Browning

Browning Lawsuit Deals With Pattern of Threatening and Abusive Conduct Toward Women; CALL TO ALL WOMENS’ GROUPS TO SUPPORT BROWNING LAWSUIT

It is a not too well kept secret that Bill Clinton has used what Dick Morris has called his "secret police" to silence women with whom he has had sexual relations in the past, in order to maintain his hold on first the governorship of Arkansas and now The White House. Dolly Kyle Browning is one of these women, and she has brought a RICO lawsuit seeking redress for this pattern of conduct toward her and other similarly situated women. Mrs. Browning has stated publicly that Bill Clinton admitted to her that he had literally hundreds of extra-marital relationships with women.

This fact was further confirmed yesterday by Monica Lewinsky, in her Barbara Walters interview.

"It is clear that the substance of Mrs. Browning’s RICO claim, coming on the heels of the Juanita Broaddrick revelations, is today even stronger. Among the hundreds of women now likely involved, many have likely been threatened and abused, in a manner similar to Mrs. Browning, Kathleen Willey, Linda Tripp, Paula Jones, and others who were intimidated in one way or another to ‘keep their mouths shut.’"

"This mistreatment of women is much more serious than even the perjury and obstruction of justice allegations which were the subject of impeachment proceedings," stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman, who is representing Mrs. Browning in her lawsuit.

We call on all womens' groups to support Mrs. Browning’s lawsuit, as a way of protecting the rights of women to be free of such abuse," added Klayman.

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