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Mar 8, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Judicial Watch Has 12 Hours of Tripp Video On Filegate

Yesterday, on ABC's "This Week," Linda Tripp reiterated what Judicial Watch already knew; that Hillary Clinton was and remains at the center of the Filegate and other continuing Clinton scandals. During the Lewinsky affair, Judicial Watch deposed Tripp on four occasions and has 12 hours of previously unaired video (with the exception of a few clips on Fox News). During the deposition, Tripp testified that she saw the FBI files of Travel Office workers; overheard a conversation ordering that FBI files be shared, at the order of Hillary Clinton, with the DNC; and that Rose Law Firm billing records were hidden in the safe of Vincent Foster, among other crucial evidence. The text and video excerpts of the deposition can be found at and the entire video is available to the public upon request.


Five Judicial Watch Lawsuits Seek to Do What Congress Would Not Do

Over the weekend, Congress again "awoke" surprised to find that the Clinton Administration had sold out U.S. national security interests to the Chinese. It was Judicial Watch's suit against the Clinton Commerce Department which exposed suspected Chinese agent John Huang and sparked the Chinagate scandal, as credited by Fox News in its October 24, 1997, piece "John Huang: In his Own Words." In addition to obtaining a court ruling confirming the obstruction at the Clinton Commerce Department, and continuing to uncover more details about the scandal, Judicial Watch recently filed a RICO suit against the Clintons, Al Gore, John Huang and others concerning not only the sale of seats on trade missions, but also the granting of export licenses to transfer high technology to the Chinese in exchange for campaign contributions. Nolanda Hill, close confidante and business partner of Ron Brown, testified that Hillary Clinton devised and implemented the scheme to sell trade mission seats for campaign contributions, with the knowledge of the President and Vice President.

"ONLY TOO FORGETTABLE" -- Stephanopoulos Book Not Credible Given "Memory Loss"

George Stephanopoulos, who was deposed twice in Judicial Watch's Filegate case, has now written a "tell all" book about his former bosses, Bill and Hillary Clinton. Putting profit ahead of loyalty, the book is suspect from the get go. Claiming, under oath, to Judicial Watch, that he could remember virtually nothing about the Filegate controversy -- despite his having been in a position to know at least about damage control efforts -- Stephanopoulos regains a startlingly detailed memory in time to cash in on his publication. While the book is replete with new revelations, it likely omits one key fact -- that Stephanopoulos was found by a federal court not to have been truthful. The question now is: How truthful is his book?

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