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 For Immediate Release
Mar 25, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Yesterday, Clinton Commerce Department Secretary William Daley -- of the famed Chicago family that invented American political patronage on a grand scale -- honored past Clinton Commerce Department Secretary Ron Brown. In unveiling a portrait of his predecessor, Daley boasted about the Clinton trade missions which Brown claimed created millions of new jobs through foreign exports, and stated:

"Let me end by saying, in a minute, when we reveal Secretary Brown's portrait, I think what will strike all of you are two things. One, he looks like he is ready to speak..."

Unfortunately for the Clintons, and its Commerce Department, Brown had already spoken to Nolanda Hill, his confidante and business partner. As set forth in Judicial Watch's Interim Report at, Brown told Hill that Hillary Clinton, with the approval of the President and Vice President, had conceived of the illegal scheme to sell seats on taxpayer financed trade missions in exchange for political campaign contributions, as well as to transfer American high technology to the Chinese. In a recent Judicial Watch deposition, it was learned that Brown met with John Huang and Chinese arms merchant, Wang Jun -- where Hill has told Judicial Watch they discussed lowering barriers for the export of satellite encryptions to China. It was on the trade missions, Hill has also told Judicial Watch, that the deals were consummated which compromised U.S. national security. Hill is a material witness in Judicial Watch's five Chinagate lawsuits. Just after she came forward to testify to the Court in Judicial Watch’s case, Hill was indicted by the Clinton Justice Department for alleged crimes which she allegedly committed in conjunction with Ron Brown. Her Clinton Justice Department indictment, which conspicuously takes pains to not use Ron Brown's name (but refers only to a business partner), caused her to try to take the Fifth Amendment, but the Court in Judicial Watch's case forced her to testify on matters which did not tend to incriminate her. She has much more information to provide, but Janet Reno's investigators are not interested. Judicial Watch is.

"Yes, Ron Brown had much to tell Nolanda Hill. Of course, Secretary Daley, who himself has continued the Clinton trade missions, and rewarded those at the Commerce Department who obstructed Judicial Watch's lawsuits with cash grants, does not want to talk about this," declared Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman. "Someday, he may have to talk, under oath, to Judicial Watch," Klayman added.

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