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 For Immediate Release
Mar 30, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Trade Mission to China Involves High Technology Companies

Clinton Donors Tied To Chinese Espionage Participated In Prior Trade Missions

Commerce Secretary Bill Daley Leads Political Donors On Taxpayer-Financed Junket with National Security Ramifications

(Washington, March 30) As Americans watch in horror as Clintonís war in Kosovo rages out of control, Judicial Watch today called attention to another crisis the fact that Bill Clinton continues to offer Red China the best in American technology, thanks in part to campaign contributions from Chinese agents to his political machine in the 1992 and 1996 election campaigns. Commerce Secretary Bill Daley now is leading another taxpayer-financed trade mission in China, with companies (and political donors) that could give China even more in the way of sensitive technology to aid their nuclear and military capabilities.

Judicial Watch is suing the Clinton Commerce Department over the sale of trade mission seats in exchange for campaign contributions in the process uncovering John Huang (now reported to be a Chinese spy) and sparking the Chinagate scandal. Huang is set to be deposed further by Judicial Watch on April 13. The Clinton Commerce Department obstructed justice, defied court orders, and destroyed evidence rather divulge documents pointing to the illegal sale of taxpayer services by the Clinton Administration. Bill Daley gave cash awards, using government funds, to the Clinton officials involved in the cover-up, which is now under Court-ordered investigation.

"Kosovo is bad enough, but the Clinton-China crisis deserves attention. We know that Clinton made himself and government services available in exchange for campaign cash from Communist China. We have evidence that he allowed technology to be sent to China for that cash as well, all the while pretending not to notice that Chinese spies were running amok throughout his government," stated Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman.

"And as one more favor for his paymasters in Beijing, he sends his Commerce Secretary and U.S. Trade Representative to China to give away the store in terms of American technology and trade interests," Klayman concluded.

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