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 For Immediate Release
Apr 5, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Hostilities Did Not Begin Until Impeachment Proceedings Ended

Will War Continue to Divert Attention from Clinton-Gore Scandals?

(Washington, April 5) With the pictures of three tortured American hostages beamed back from Yugoslavia, and the prospect of a ground war looming (with large American casualties expected), the question must be asked: Why, over the last year, did the Clinton-Gore Administration allow the cancer of genocide to grow in Kosovo unchecked, necessitating "major surgery" at this time?

The answer is obvious: The Clinton-Gore Administration did not want to risk American casualties during the Lewinsky scandal, and, as the Chinagate scandal resurfaced, the war in Kosovo is now a "convenient distraction."

With the prospect of the war continuing for some time perhaps even the next year or two it will deflect attention from the wholesale and rampant corruption in the Clinton-Gore Administration. Indeed, while war is not politically beneficial in the long term, given the possible charges of treason against Bill Clinton and Al Gore over their fundraising relationship with Communist China, it may be the lesser of two political evils.

Judicial Watch hopes that this is not the case, but, given the track record of the Clinton-Gore Administration and its penchant for lying and chicanery nothing can be ruled out, stated Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman and President Tom Fitton. "Will Americans now have to die in large numbers because President Clinton and Vice President Gore waited to intervene in Kosovo, to prevent their Administration from falling during the Lewinsky scandal?" they added.

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