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Apr 7, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Lacks Moral Authority to Lead Nation Into War

There is A Relationship Between Clinton Scandals and War In The Balkans

Today, Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman and President Tom Fitton called upon President Clinton to resign his office for the good of the nation. In so doing, Judicial Watch issued the following statement:

"To lead one's country into war, and to deal with crises, a leader must have the confidence and trust of his people. More importantly, he must have the moral authority to order young men to die in combat. Bill Clinton -- after six years of scandal -- has neither.

It is a heart wrenching tragedy to watch the suffering which the ill-advised Clinton-Albright bombing has caused to ethnic Albanians and others in recent weeks. Clearly, as even The Washington Post, a traditionally pro-Clinton newspaper, was forced to tacitly concede today in a front page headline, "Albright Misjudged Milosevic in Kosovo," the President and his foreign policy 'experts' are not up to the task of war. But more troubling is Bill Clinton's lack of moral leadership, underscored by his inability and unwillingness to be truthful with the American people.

Consistent with Judicial Watch’s analysis, Newsweek reported last Monday that Clinton allowed the Kosovo situation to deteriorate over the last year, without advising the American people, because he did not want to risk losing Democrat seats in Congress in the 1998 elections, during a period leading up to the impeachment votes. In delaying the decision to intervene in the Balkans, Clinton thus traded the likely loss of more American lives to save his own Presidency, as for political reasons he allowed the Kosovo cancer to grow.

As the United States embarks on a likely ground war -- the bombing campaign having been a catastrophe -- it needs a leader it can morally look up to and trust; particularly since scores of young servicemen will die. If he truly loves this country, as he claims, it is now time for the President to resign, as like LBJ he has lost the authority to lead. This is not about an affair with a young intern, it is about asking our young people to die. And die they will, in large numbers, if a ground war is ordered. The new, and most immediately tragic scandal is "Balkangate," where the dishonor, criminality and shame of the Clinton Presidency is now coming home to roost big time. This is only the beginning, as other life and death crises loom on the horizon, given emerging nuclear and biological threats from Iraq, North Korea and especially international terrorist groups. The President himself, in a New York Times interview a few months ago, predicted a biological terrorist attack on U.S. soil within the next year or so. If this occurs, we need a president who all of the American people can trust."

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