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Apr 9, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Clinton Fetes With Zhu and Companies That Transferred High Technology To The Chinese And Gave To His Political Campaigns

With Justice Department Under His Control, President Confident He Will Skate Once Again

(Washington, April 9) Today, in the wake of reemerging revelations about Chinagate, The Wall Street Journal reported: "The upshot is that, 2 1/2 years after the Justice Department's investigation of alleged campaign finance abuses began, its workload has slackened considerably and some cases are stuck in neutral. At one point there were 120 prosecutors, Federal Bureau of Investigation agents and others working on the department's campaign finance task force. That number has dwindled to fewer than 90, and the bulk of them aren't working on the case full-time anymore."

With only eight lawyers, Judicial Watch - which, in the words of Representative Bob Barr, has uncovered about 65% of what Americans now know about the Clinton scandals, including Chinagate -- has accomplished more than the Reno Justice Department. Indeed, it was its case against the Clinton Commerce Department which uncovered John Huang and sparked the Chinagate scandal. Since then Judicial Watch has filed four additional lawsuits regarding Chinagate and continues to uncover more information about not only the illegal sale of seats on trade missions (where the deals were struck to transfer high technology to the Chinese), but also breaches of national security, such as the finding that CIA reports and satellite encryptions "walked out" of the Commerce Department with a colleague of John Huang. Recently, The Washington Times and New York Times confirmed Huang's links to Chinese intelligence.

Judicial Watch's Interim Report (see urged Congress to include Chinagate in its impeachment inquiry. Congressman Bob Barr and House investigator Dave Schippers supported this, but the rush to end the impeachment inquiry precluded this.

Yesterday, in a brazen slap at his investigators, like Judicial Watch and the media, President Clinton held a White House dinner with not only Chinese Premier Zhu, but many of the companies which bribed him with campaign contributions to not only go on trade missions, but also obtain export licenses to transfer high technology to the Chinese. "This strengthens our resolve to get to the truth and bring justice to this sad chapter in American history," stated Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman and President Tom Fitton.

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