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 For Immediate Release
Apr 14, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Liberal "Remedy of Choice" to Serve As Political Cover During 2000 Elections

Finding Not Only Fails to Impose More Severe Criminal Remedies, It Does Not Provide Redress For Many Jane Does Who, Like Dolly Kyle Browning, Were Severely Harmed By The President's Actions

(Washington, April 14) -- When the Washington liberal establishment, like The Washington Post, gushes over a court ruling purporting to severely punish a Democrat President, one has to be skeptical. But that is exactly what is happening with regard to Judge Wright’s cosmetically appealing ruling, which unfortunately has few teeth. Not only does the Court's finding sidestep the "hard issue" of whether President Clinton should be held criminally liable for his lying, perjury and obstruction of justice, its imposition of attorneys fees is less than the slap of the wrist contemplated two days ago, when the news of the order hit the wires. And, if you think the Arkansas legal establishment is going to disbar Bill Clinton, then perhaps we are all living on Pluto. Nevertheless, the liberal media has seized on this finding as proof that the President has been punished for his numerous misdeeds, and now its time to elect their new President for 2000 and beyond.

Judicial Watch does not care who is elected President. What is worrisome is that the Court's order is serving as a pressure valve to relieve the stench of criminality which continues to surround this Administration. While advocates of honest government want to be able to claim victory, however small, the hard fact is that the real battle to bring this Administration to justice is still in progress and has not yet been won. Pyrrhic victories are just that.

Enter Dolly Kyle Browning, one of the Jane Does who Judge Wright’s order does not provide relief to. While the Court acknowledged Ms. Browning's legitimate request for relief, in the form of criminal penalties, by finding that "In addressing only the President's sworn statements concerning his relationship with Ms. Lewinsky, ...the President may have engaged in other contumacious conduct warranting the imposition of sanctions (see page 27)," Judge Wright fails to take action. And, the attorneys fees she orders paid -- ultimately by the likes of Barbra Streisand, Stephen Spielberg and Tom Hanks -- go only to Jones and her lawyers, not the Jane Does who not only did their duty by testifying, but whose names were also smeared through the mud by the Clintons. Finally, the fee award will be small, since it is only related to the contemptuous conduct, which in terms of time, occupied only a small part of the Jones case, as the remaining claims were dismissed shortly after the President's deposition and the Lewinsky matter was excluded as an issue even before the dismissal.

"Dolly Kyle Browning, who had filed pleadings asking for criminal contempt, will on behalf of herself, the Jane Does, and the American people, appeal Judge Wright’s order and continue to seek criminal penalties for President Bill Clinton’s criminal conduct. Mrs. Browning is also prosecuting a federal RICO (i.e. racketeering) lawsuit for the threats to herself and the other Jane Does," stated Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman and President Tom Fitton.

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