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Apr 22, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Liberals Try to Pin "Blame" On NRA and Second Amendment

Columbine Massacre Stems From Same Ethical Breakdown Among Americans That Condones Clinton Scandals

(Washington, April 22) Predictably, the liberal Washington Establishment has seized on the student massacre at Columbine High School to argue that severe (and unconstitutional) anti-gun laws must now be passed. Even taking their cynical political ploys at face-value, liberals overlook the hard fact that even if guns were not available, knives, bombs and other means would still be available. The real problem is the near complete breakdown of Judeo-Christian ethics in our society.

It is this same breakdown which has manifested itself throughout the Clinton scandals, with as much as 70 percent of the American people approving of the President, and wanting him to remain in office.

"The country is in a crisis, and the latest incident at Columbine High School is not an aberration. Unless Americans return to their spiritual roots, and are encouraged to do so quickly, more and more tragedies will occur well into the 21st century. In this regard, the nation must be taught that there are consequences for illegal acts. As, ironically, a liberal politician once said -- ĎThe fish rots from the head.í This is why Judicial Watch intends to use its legal prosecutions of the Clintons as an example for our nationís youth; that offenders of the law (which is based on Judeo-Christian values) will be punished," stated Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman and President Tom Fitton.

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