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 For Immediate Release
May 10, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Cases To Explore Role of Clinton Scandals In Timing Of War

(May 10, 1999. Washington, D.C.) -- In the last few days, Judicial Watch has filed three new lawsuits, this time to explore the role of domestic politics in the Administration's decision to wait until after the impeachment proceedings had concluded to bomb Kosovo and precipitate a war.

Judicial Watch's three lawsuits, filed under the Freedom of Information Act (the same law that played a key role in the discovery of John Huang and served as a catalyst for "Chinagate"), are against the Central Intelligence Agency, State Department and Defense Department. When these agencies failed to respond to Judicial Watch's FOIA requests, this caused the public interest group to sue.

"It is clear from the wholesale bungling of the war in Kosovo, that it was started in not only haste, but also for some ulterior motive (if there had been a sincere desire to help only the Kosovars, intervention would have occurred much sooner), such as to divert attention from the growing Chinagate scandal. Now, with the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, ironically the two scandals, the war and Chinagate, have merged. Judicial Watch will step up the pace of uncovering the corruption rampant in this Administration, in order that appropriate steps can be taken before 'it is too late.' Perhaps even Republicans, who themselves have been mired in problems, will hopefully, as the opposition party, be forced to act to stop this war once all the facts about why it was started are known," stated Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman and President Tom Fitton.

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