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 For Immediate Release
May 21, 1999 Contact: Press Office


May Explain His Inaction and Dishonesty on China

Berger's Ex-Law Firm Clients Included Huang, Chinese Government, and DNC

(Washington, May 21) Sandy Berger, Bill Clinton's National Security Adviser, is "hopelessly conflicted" on the Chinagate scandal, which indeed may explain his failure to protect American national security interests. Berger, who expertise is as a trade lawyer, worked for the law firm of Hogan & Hartson, which represents John Huang. Huang was close to the President, First Lady, and Vice President, with easy access to the White House and top secrets in the Commerce Department on Berger's watch as deputy national security adviser. Huang was recently deposed by Judicial Watch. He asserted the Fifth Amendment over 1,000 times, including on questions about whether he passed classified information to the Chinese. (See transcripts at

In addition to representing Huang, Hogan & Hartson reportedly worked for the People's Republic of China. And according to published reports, Berger, prior to joining the Clinton Administration, was "point person at the Hogan and Hartson law firm for the trade office of the Chinese government." Berger's ex-law firm also represented the Democratic National Committee, a reported recipient of funds laundered by Johnny Chung, Huang and others from the Chinese government. One of Huang's lawyers is also related to the former head of the Criminal Division for Janet Reno's Justice Department.

With these conflicts of interest, why then was Sandy Berger entrusted with the position of National Security Adviser? It is clear he did little with the information that the Chinese government was engaged in a massive effort to steal our nation's secrets and subvert our democracy by buying the presidency.

Berger is hopelessly conflicted and should resign immediately.

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