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 For Immediate Release
May 26, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Clinton\Reno Justice Department Seeks to Block Testimony in Judicial Watch Cases And Allows Huang To Go Free With No Jail Time


(May 26, 1999, Washington, D.C.) -- As often occurs in Washington, the establishment has taken the bait and reported the Huang plea bargain on its face, without analyzing the obvious motives behind it. On the same day that the Cox Report is released, the Clinton/Reno Justice Department announces a deal with John Huang, after years of trying to block Judicial Watch's efforts to obtain his unfettered testimony in its lawsuits which uncovered Huang and sparked the Chinagate scandal. What a coincidence!

Huang's agreement to plea to one minor count of campaign finance law violations -- on acts which predate the Clinton Administration -- with no jail time and only community service, is fraudulent enough. But, when coupled with the hard fact that there are no guarantees of cooperation in fingering the Clinton Administration in unlawful conduct, it becomes even clearer that the plea is only a public relations stunt, which has serious legal ramifications. Indeed, there are no guarantees that Huang will tell all he knows once let off the hook. Similar fraudulent pleas have been negotiated with Charlie Trie and Johnny Chung of late.

"While guilty of criminal conduct, no one ever accused the Clinton Administration of not being clever. Its strategy is to appear to hold Huang's coterie of Asian-Americans accountable, blame them as the sole cause of the wholesale bribery and treason in this Administration, and appear to burn them at the stake. But where are the prosecutions against 'the white guys' in the White House? So far only Asians, Indians, Indonesians, African Americans and Hispanics have been charged with minor crimes, and then let off the hook. It is clear that the Clinton Administration is playing a dishonest and cynical game, commonly known as the race card," stated Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman and President Tom Fitton. "When the Clinton Administration labeled its accusers as racists during the initial stages of the Chinagate scandal, and this did not work, the Clintons changed tact and blamed their wrongs on minorities and foreigners," they added.

"Judicial Watch will make sure that 'the white guys' in the White House are held accountable, and ironically now that Huang will get immunity, Judicial Watch will ask the Court to haul him back for more testimony, since he cannot now claim the '5th,' even by his own previous weak arguments. We expect that the Reno/Clinton Justice Department will again oppose this, as it is deathly afraid of anyone, except itself, investigating the biggest and most damaging scandal in American history, one that will eventually bring the Clinton-Gore Administration down, including its Justice Department," stated Klayman and Fitton.

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