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Jun 1, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Implicates Carville in Likely False Testimony

Starr Never Himself Questioned Livingstone

(June 1, 1999. Washington, D.C.) -- Last week, at the height of the Chinagate scandal, the infamous Craig Livingstone returned to testify in Judicial Watch's $90 million dollar Filegate class action lawsuit. While the deposition is not complete, in six hours of testimony he broke new ground.

First, it is now even clearer than ever that he was hired by Hillary Rodham Clinton. Based on his testimony, one can only conclude he was not fit for the job of head of the Office of White House Personnel Security.

Second, Livingstone confirmed that the FBI files which he and others improperly procured are still at the White House, as they have been archived. This buttresses Judicial Watch's conviction that they were used to smear political and other adversaries as late at the Lewinsky scandal.

Third, the former bar bouncer now claims a religious conversion, regretting aspects of his past life, including his threats to bash in the face of his next door neighbor, a feat which earned him a police report. Livingstone took umbrage at this, and testified that his neighbor was on a terror campaign to harass him, and that he really threatened to bash in the face of her dog.

Fourth, Livingstone implicated James Carville in likely false testimony. When Carville was deposed, he stated that he could not remember meeting Livingstone, except for one time at the Palm Restaurant in Washington. At that encounter, Carville recounted that Livingstone came up to him and Carville asked, "Do I know you?" Livingstone says that, in fact, the two had contact during prior Clinton campaigns, and has an entirely different account of the story at the Palm. Given Carville's smear operation during the Lewinsky scandal, his contact with the White House over the Lewinsky scandal, his complicity with the President in releasing the Willey letters in violation of the Privacy Act, and statements by the daughter of Larry Flynt that her father may have had access to FBI files through Carville, the prior contact with Livingstone is significant. Incredibly, at the Palm, Livingstone told Carville, "’re really doing a good job out there."

Judicial Watch will resume with Livingstone's questioning on June 8, 1999, in redirect examiniation. The transcript of his public testimony thus far will be posted on its internet site at

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