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Jun 2, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Report Indicates She Was Involved in White House Release of Kathleen Willey’s Letters – A Violation of Privacy Act

Mrs. Clinton Defendant in Ongoing Filegate Lawsuit

(Washington, June 2) Hillary Rodham Clinton has been implicated in another violation of the Privacy Act -- the Clinton White House release of Kathleen Willey’s letters to the media. An Associated Press report quotes an anonymous source as saying that Mrs. Clinton pushed for release of the letters last year. The release of the Willey letters, a violation of the Privacy Act, is part of the pattern of Filegate -- the misuse of government files against perceived adversaries of the Clintons. Judicial Watch, with Court permission, is pursuing discovery into the Willey letters release to prove a pattern of violations of privacy by the Clinton White House – from Filegate, to the Willey letters release, to the Linda Tripp Pentagon file information release and subsequent coverup. Judicial Watch uncovered last year that James Carville and President Clinton conspired on the release of the Willey letters.

New White House documents recently produced to Judicial Watch in its Filegate lawsuit indicate a press feeding frenzy for the Willey letters, whose existence were evidently leaked by the White House (and, reportedly, Hillary Clinton) in response to Willey’s interview with "60 Minutes." The documents also tie the White House Counsel’s Office to the release, namely Charles Ruff and Cheryl Mills. In the "60 Minutes" interview and under oath, Ms. Willey has alleged a sexual assault by President Clinton just outside the Oval Office.

Other White House documents and evidence show that the Willey letters were put in a vault after their release to the public because, according to the testimony of presidential records custodian Terry Good, they were "sensitive." Violations of the Privacy Act carry both criminal and civil penalties.

Mrs. Clinton is a defendant in the $90 million civil lawsuit brought by Judicial Watch on behalf of the over 900 staffers from the Reagan and Bush Administration and others whose FBI files were illegally obtained and misused by the Clinton White House. Judicial Watch will seek Court permission to depose Mrs. Clinton.

In Filegate, sworn testimony from several witnesses and documentary evidence indicates she hired Craig Livingstone, the former bar bouncer who helped obtain the FBI files for the Clinton White House. Testimony shows that Mrs. Clinton directed the uploading of FBI files into a White House database, so that the FBI files information could be shared with the Democratic National Committee. Livingstone, a defendant in the Filegate lawsuit, testified last week and admitted he sought help from Maggie Williams, Hillary Clinton’s former chief of staff, to obtain his job at the Clinton White House.

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