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 For Immediate Release
Jun 3, 1999 Contact: Press Office

Hillary Abuse of Tax Monies Investigated by Judicial Watch

Trips to New York Just Latest Example

(Washington, June 3) Recent reports that Hillary Clinton is traveling to New York to pursue her Senate aspirations at taxpayers expense, comes as no surprise to Judicial Watch, which has been investigating these and other similar activities by the First Lady for years.

One such other example, was the scheme to sell taxpayer financed seats on Clinton Commerce Department trade missions, which Nolanda Hill, the close confidant of Late Commerce Secretary Ron Brown testified, under oath, was the idea of Hillary Clinton. See Judicial Watch Interim Report at Importantly, the scheme, which is a crime, was carried out and implemented by Harold Ickes, former Deputy White House Chief of Staff and now key adviser to Hillary Clinton for her Senate run in New York.

Hillary Clinton is not only being investigated by Judicial Watch for these and related activities, she is also a defendant in three (3) Judicial Watch lawsuits, including a RICO (i.e., racketeering) case involving the illegal scheme to sell taxpayer financed government services to companies and persons in exchange for political campaign contributions, such as occurred in the Chinagate scandal.

"Judicial Watch takes no position of Mrs. Clinton's candidacy in New York. If she wishes to run for office, that is her business. However, what Judicial Watch seeks is justice, and Mrs. Clinton, who 'rules the school' at The White House, according to the testimony of a number of witnesses in Judicial Watch's cases, must be held legally accountable, and prosecuted, for her illegal use of taxpayer monies to feather her and her husband's political nests," stated Larry Klayman, Chairman, and Tom Fitton, President.

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