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Jun 23, 1999 Contact: Press Office

Jane Sherburne Testifies in Filegate Case

Claims Comments to Woodward "Off The Record"

Reveals That Hillary Clinton Never Seriously Questioned About Her Role In Filegate

(Washington, June 23) Jane Sherburne, the past White House lawyer who was in charge of scandal damage control, and who still keeps in close contact with Hillary Clinton, was recently deposed in Judicial Watch's $90 million class action Filegate lawsuit. Ms. Sherburne's "insights" into the Clinton White House -- which Judicial Watch views with skepticism -- are featured prominently in Bob Woodward's new book, Shadow.

During her deposition, Ms. Sherburne claimed that she spoke to Woodward "off the record," and thus felt betrayed when the famous journalist published quotations from her. This has caused some press notoriety in recent days, with articles appearing in the Drudge Report and today's The New York Post.

Ms. Sherburne's testimony is noteworthy for other reasons. During the deposition -- a transcript of which can be found at -- Ms. Sherburne was forced to admit that she never asked Hillary Clinton substantive questions about her role in Filegate, and basically accepted her denials on face value. Judicial Watch, on the other hand, has uncovered much evidence linking Hillary Clinton to the scandal, which emanated from the firing of the Travel Office employees, which Ms. Clinton ordered.

During the deposition, Ms. Sherburne also confirmed a truth which Judicial Watch already knew; that Ken Starr had little interest in investigating the Filegate scandal. In this regard, Ms. Sherburne could not remember a single witness who was called by Starr before the grand jury on Filegate.

"Ms. Sherburne is a key witness in the Filegate case, and had numerous meetings on the scandal with George Stephanopoulos and Harold Ickes. However, when Stephanopoulos and Ickes testified, they characteristically claimed to remember little to nothing about them. Ickes and Stephanopoulos will now have to account for their 'bad memories,'" stated Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman.

The transcript of Sherburne's video testimony can be found at

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