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Jul 28, 1999 Contact: Press Office

Clinton: Rape Allegations Are "Partisan Rant"

President Belittles Juanita Broaddrick's Rape Charges

Judicial Watch Seeks Quick Court Action to Preserve and Perpetuate Testimony of Threatened Women

(Washington, July 28) President Clinton, through a legal brief filed in federal court on July 12 by his personal attorney David Kendall, called the accusations of rape against him by Juanita Broaddrick "partisan rant." The brief was filed in the RICO (Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) lawsuit brought by Dolly Kyle Browning against Bill Clinton and others.

The lawsuit alleges, among other things, that defendants Bill Clinton and Bruce Lindsey engaged in a pattern of threatening women in order to obtain and maintain hold on the office of the presidency. In addition to the threats and intimidation against Browning and Broaddrick, the suit alleges a RICO pattern of threats and intimidation against Linda Tripp, Kathleen Willey, Elizabeth Ward Gracen, and other women. (For instance, in its ongoing Filegate lawsuit, Judicial Watch uncovered that Bill Clinton and Bruce Lindsey conspired to destroy the reputation of Kathleen Willey through the illegal release of her Privacy Act-protected letters to the media.) Also named as defendants in the Browning lawsuit are Bob Bennett, Marsha Scott, Jane Mayer and The New Yorker magazine.

Clinton's brief came in response to a motion filed recently by Judicial Watch to perpetuate the testimony of nine women who through sworn testimony, media interviews, and other means have alleged that President Clinton and his agents have threatened and intimidated them. The Judicial Watch brief, which is available on its Internet site at, seeks Court leave to depose quickly these nine women in order to preserve and perpetuate their testimony before they are further threatened, harmed, flee the Court's jurisdiction, or even worse. Clinton's brief refers to the allegations of Broaddrick and the other women as mere "partisan rant."

Despite Bill Clinton's flippant dismissal of serious rape and other allegations, Dolly Kyle Browning intends to hold him and his agents accountable for the actions they took against her and other women.

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