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Jul 30, 1999 Contact: Press Office

Clinton walks (for now); Tripp to be indicted

Judicial Watch pursues improper conduct of Montarinelli

(Washington, July 30) Yesterday, Judge Susan Webber Wright continued her amazing deference toward the President, giving Bill Clinton a virtually meaningless slap on the wrist in fining him a paltry $90 thousand dollars pursuant to a mere civil contempt citation. Clinton's legal team wasted no time in boasting that he will not pay the fine, but leave it to the influence peddlers infesting his legal defense fund to do so. Dolly Kyle Browning, in her appeal to the Eighth Circuit, calls the sanctions what they are, a sham. The President deserves criminal contempt for this dishonest and obstructionist conduct, and Browning is seeking this relief for the lies, deceit, and obstruction perpetrated against her.

However, in amazing irony, it has been reported today in The Washington Post that Linda Tripp will be indicted today by a Maryland State Prosecutor, Stephen Montanarelli, who the evidence suggests was on orders from the Democrats and most likely The White House to not only obstruct Kenneth Starr's investigation, but also tamper with Judicial Watch's on-going Filegate class action lawsuit. Tripp is a material witness in both, and in Filegate she has linked Hillary Clinton to the misuse of FBI files in The White House.

Judicial Watch has been investigating the political influence which Democrats brought to bear in having Montanarelli start a criminal proceeding against Tripp, just as she was supposed to testify before Starr and Judicial Watch. In response to document requests, the prosecutor submitted false or misleading affidavits to the Court. While the Court action initiated by Judicial Watch is still in progress, the lower tribunal having ruled in Judicial Watch's favor, the public interest watchdog will today file a complaint against Mr. Montanarelli before appropriate legal authorities for his dishonest conduct.

"Mr. Montanarelli's dishonesty and tampering with a material witness cannot be permitted, as this is a further obstruction of justice. Ironically, the President walks, while Tripp is indicted for political purposes, to try to devalue her testimony in legal proceedings against the President. Judicial Watch will not stand for this," stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

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