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Aug 2, 1999 Contact: Press Office

Cox: "Chinagate will have to wait"

Congress Gives Up, Will Not Hold Clinton, Reno, Others Accountable

Judicial Watch Chinagate Lawsuits Active

(Washington, August 2) Republican leaders admitted on the weekend talk shows that, as far as the Republican-controlled Congress is concerned, Chinagate is, for now, a lesser-issue and must await a new Administration before any real action is contemplated. Congressman Chris Cox, when asked what he will now do about allegations of corruption at the Clinton Justice Department, admitted, "This will have to await a new Justice Department and a new President." Senator Orrin Hatch could not even bring himself to call for Ms. Reno's resignation (something that even some Democrats have done), despite all the evidence of her and her underlings' corruption when it comes to the China money scandal.

Most in Washington, D.C. know the Reno Justice Department is in full cover-up mode, yet Republicans sit on their hands. Whether it is Reno and other Justice officials looking the other way as Chinagate evidence was shredded, or Reno's refusal to authorize a wiretap for a suspected Chinese spy, there is ample evidence that the Clinton Justice Department can't be trusted and is corrupt at the highest levels. Johnny Chung, one of the few Chinagate figures to testify truthfully and who was therefore targeted to be killed by Chinese agents, testified to Judicial Watch that he was recently told by the Reno Justice Department to "call 911" if he and his family were threatened again.

Republicans are punting because some of their big donors are involved in Chinagate, many having been implicated in the trade mission seat for campaign money scheme (which included the sale of export licenses) helped run by suspected Chinese spy John Huang at the Commerce Department. And, as reported by Robert Novak today, the Reno Justice Department may be blackmailing some Republicans by holding the threat of indictment and further investigation over their heads.

Judicial Watch will vigorously pursue the Chinagate scandal. The Chinagate/Commerce case which uncovered John Huang will come to a head later this year as Judicial Watch asks the Court to institute criminal contempt proceedings against current and former Clinton Administration figures, such as Leon Panetta and John Podesta. Judicial Watch hopes, with Court permission, to soon begin discovery on the Loral missile transfer-bribery allegations in a RICO/civil conspiracy lawsuit against Sandy Berger, Loral, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and others.

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