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Aug 7, 1999 Contact: Press Office

Hubbell and the ABA

Birds of a Feather Flock Together or Why Overbilling Is Not Really A Crime

(Washington, August 7) Yesterday, the American Bar Association, which purports to represent the nation's legal profession, again showed its true colors, by inviting Webster Hubbell, a convicted felon who stole hundreds of thousands of dollars by overbilling his clients, to attend its convention. Notwithstanding the ABA's obvious continued support for the corrupt Clinton Administration, the invitation to Hubbell was an affront to the basic standards of the legal profession; at least those standards which still exist.

Larry Klayman, Chairman of Judicial Watch, issued the following statement in response to this latest outrage by the ABA:
"The Hubbell speech at the ABA convention is 'the outrage of the week.' Before yesterday, polling data showed most Americans already ranked lawyers lower than prostitutes in terms of their perceived ethical standards. That the ABA would welcome Webster Hubbell, a convicted felon who stole from his clients, to its convention, confirms that one of the real scandals of the last six and one half years has been in the legal profession. The legal profession has encouraged and perpetuated the corruption in the Clinton Administration, and turned a blind eye to the clients it purports to represent.

When we finish with the Clintons, and bring them and other corrupt politicians to justice, Judicial Watch will focus even more on one of its goals -- to clean up the slime in the legal profession. One place to start is with the ABA."

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