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Aug 9, 1999 Contact: Press Office

Nixon had decency to resign

Watergate Was "One Break In," Filegate Was Thousands

Judicial Watch To File Report On Filegate Today

(Washington, August 9) Twenty-five years ago today, Richard Nixon resigned his presidency to spare the nation the ordeal of an impeachment proceeding. Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman issued the following statement marking the contrast with the current President, Bill Clinton:
" Over the years, many liberal pundits and journalists, including Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, have dismissed the myriad of Clinton Administration scandals as not being the equal of Watergate. Ironically, however, even just one Clinton scandal -- which George Stephanopolous admits in his book, All Too Human, has the potential to be the most serious scandal -- surpasses the Nixon-era legacy. In Watergate, men posing as plumbers but acting under the direction of President Nixon's top advisors broke into the Democratic National Committee to conduct political espionage. In Filegate, the Clinton Administration's own "plumbers," acting under the direction of Hillary Rodham Clinton, broke into hundreds, if not thousands, of FBI and other government files. This represents the most widespread violation of constitutionally protected privacy rights in American history. And, as was true of the Nixon scandals, monies (albeit this time at taxpayers' expense) have been paid to key witnesses in Filegate, perhaps to keep them silent."
Judicial Watch will file today a court report detailing what it has found to date in its $90 Million Dollar class action lawsuit concerning Filegate.

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