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 For Immediate Release
Aug 13, 1999 Contact: Press Office

New Filegate cover-up: Clinton White House withholds smoking-gun photos

Judicial Watch Uncovers Evidence That White House Has Photos of Bill and Hillary Clinton With Filegate Figure Craig Livingstone

Hillary Clinton Had Denied Knowing Livingstone

(Washington, August 13) Judicial Watch, in its ongoing Filegate civil lawsuit, recently uncovered written descriptions of Clinton White House photos of Bill and Hillary Clinton with Craig Livingstone, the former bar bouncer who obtained over 900 FBI files for the Clinton White House. Hillary Clinton has pretended not to have known who Craig Livingstone was, even though there is overwhelming evidence she hired him for his White House job.

The photo descriptions, which come from Clinton White House records, further demonstrate that Mrs. Clinton's denials relating to Craig Livingstone and Filegate are false. The descriptions include the following information:

Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sec. Donna Shalala talk with Rosie O'Donnell and Paula Poundstone in the Kennedy Center Concert Hall Presidential Box...Craig Livingstone is present in the box.

Hillary Rodham Clinton arrives [at] the Senate Russell Building. She is accompanied by Craig Livingstone.

The President greets an intern next to Craig Livingstone.

President Clinton is presented with a statue of Mohandas "Mahatma" Gandhi by Yogesh Gandhi...The President talks alone with Craig Livingstone about the statue.

President Clinton Greets David Bowie and his band in the outer Oval Office. The band poses for pictures in the Oval Office. Craig Livingstone is present.

The Clinton White House should have produced copies of these photos under court process. We alerted the Clinton White House as soon as we found this new evidence among the tens of thousands of pages they produced. Now they refuse to the turn the photos over. Judicial Watch will ask the Court to order these photos produced because they help expose the truth about Hillary Clinton's involvement with Craig Livingstone.

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