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 For Immediate Release
Aug 13, 1999 Contact: Press Office

Media alert: new Filegate testimony at


Retired FBI Agents Sculimbrene and Aldrich, Morris Confidante Sherry Rowlands, Former White House Usher Chris Emery, and Former Travel Office Head Billy Ray Dale Submit Sworn Declarations

(Washington, August 13) Judicial Watch filed a major brief in its ongoing Filegate lawsuit late Monday, which included the sworn testimony of five individuals who have key information about the scandal and related matters. The full copy of the brief and the witnesses' sworn declarations are on the Judicial Watch Internet site at The new sworn declarations include the following highlights:

Dennis Sculimbrene, who was the senior FBI agent at the Clinton White House, testified on how he was harassed and intimidated by the Clinton White House and FBI before and after he gave sworn testimony implicating Hillary Clinton in Filegate and related matters.
Sherry Rowlands confirms under oath that Dick Morris, then an agent of Bill and Hillary Clinton, identified Hillary Clinton as being the mastermind of Filegate, "It was Hillary in 1993. She ordered them. She's a paranoid lady - she did it.."
Gary Aldrich, once also assigned to the Clinton White House for the FBI, confirms that Hillary Clinton, according to her hire Craig Livingstone, ran "security" at The White House.
Chris Emery, the White House usher ousted by Hillary Clinton, testifies to Mrs. Clinton's conducting senior staff meetings in the White House Residence and to Hillary Clinton using the Oval Office while Bill Clinton was away from the White House. The Clinton White House ordered Emery's FBI file twice and ordered an early FBI reinvestigation of him.
Billy Ray Dale, the former head of the Travel Office, explodes the Clinton White House story that his FBI file was requested because he needed access to the White House.

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