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Aug 16, 1999 Contact: Press Office

Home $weet Home?

Multi-Million Dollar Mansions Above First Couple's Pay Scale

(Washington, August 16) Judicial Watch, the public-interest group which has taken the lead in uncovering public corruption, questioned today just how Bill and Hillary Clinton could afford to buy a multi-million mansion in tony Westchester county, New York, especially given their enormous legal and other debts.

The Clintons have a long history of using "other people's money," usually ill-gotten, for their personal purposes. Whether it be their illegal "Legal Defense Fund," their pilfering of insurance monies for the Paula Jones suit, or the use of Chinese communist cash for their political campaigns, the Clintons always seem to find the most improper method of taking care of their financial needs. Judicial Watch will examine very carefully any sweetheart mortgage deals, gifts, or other unusual financial activity used by the Clintons to finance a house they clearly can't afford.

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