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 For Immediate Release
Aug 17, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Sworn Video Shows Chung Providing More Information Than Is Possible To Air On Fox

O'Reilly Does Excellent Job That is Backed Up By Judicial Watch Testimony

(Washington, August 17) Yesterday, Johnny Chung, a key figure in the Chinagate scandal appeared on "The O'Reilly Factor," and provided information linking the Clintons and their Administration with illegal bribery during the Chinagate scandal. Weeks earlier, Judicial Watch had supplied Fox News and others -- consistent with its public interest function -- with video of sworn testimony of Johnny Chung. This sworn testimony, which is evidence, obviously formed the roadmap of the questions posed by Bill O'Reilly yesterday evening. More importantly, the sworn testimony substantiates what Chung confirmed to O'Reilly during the interview.

Following the airing of Chung's interview yesterday, Clinton apologists went to the airwaves to try to discredit him. "However, sworn testimony, as provided to Judicial Watch, backs up his off the cuff account, as told to Bill O'Reilly. Since providing false testimony to Judicial Watch and the Court would place Chung at additional legal risk for perjury, it is extremely unlikely that he would have lied. Moreover, what would Chung have to gain? His life and those of his loved ones have already been threatened, and he is now at odds with his one time benefactors in the Clinton Administration. Ironically, it is Johnny Chung, not Democrats or Republicans, who now take Chinagate seriously enough to speak openly about the wholesale espionage and treason that was committed against this country. While he did wrong, Chung wants to make amends by now coming forward bravely to tell the truth. Others who have done so -- Nolanda Hill and Linda Tripp -- have been retaliated against, with no help from the 'opposition party,' the Republicans. Judicial Watch will stand by these witnesses, however, and react strongly to any further attempt to coerce them to be silent," stated Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman and President Tom Fitton.

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