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Aug 25, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Trulock Blew Whistle on Clinton-Berger-Energy-Justice Cover-Up Of China Spying

Trulock Suffering Same Fate As Other Clinton Whistleblowers

(Washington, August 25) Notra Trulock, the former Energy official who almost single-handedly exposed unchecked Chinese espionage in the Clinton Energy Department, is suffering the same fate as others who came forward against Clinton Administration corruption outrageous smears and retaliation for acts of courage.

"Trulock is an American hero. Bill Clinton and Sandy Berger ignored, because of Chinese campaign contributions, his alerts on Chinese espionage. The compromised Janet Reno Justice Department effectively blocked his investigation. And Bill Richardson, the Energy Secretary known for his job-interviewing skills with Monica Lewinsky, hung him out to dry when his allegations were made public," stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman.

Judicial Watch notes that the effort to smear Mr. Trulock with allegations of racial, anti-Asian bias is an old, discredited tactic of those implicated in Chinagate.

"Judicial Watch is in possession of documents from the Democratic National Committee detailing plans to distract public attention away from the Chinagate scandal by playing the race card, as O.J. Simpson tried to do," Klayman said.

In fact, Judicial Watch notes that it is the Clinton Administration who has played the race card. No white politicians (Clinton, Gore) have been prosecuted by the Clinton Justice Department in Chinagate, but plenty of Asian-Americans and other minorities have been singled out.

"Mr. Trulock is being wronged. Ironically, the specious attacks on his ethics and character are in some ways a tribute to his effectiveness in rooting out the corruption at the Energy Department and The Clinton White House. We are committed to supporting his cause and exposing through our civil litigation the truth behind the espionage he helped uncover," concluded Klayman.

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