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 For Immediate Release
Aug 25, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Like Many Others, Issue Not Raised in Impeachment Proceedings

(Washington, August 25) During the House impeachment proceedings last fall, investigators seriously looked into allegations that President Clinton had used cocaine in The White House. Judicial Watch knows that this was a serious line of inquiry from contacts with impeachment investigators. However, Judicial Watch has learned from other sources that Bill Clinton has used cocaine in The White House. This raises serious national security concerns.

Judicial Watch has taken the position that all political candidates, and government officials, must -- consistent with their obligations to the public -- answer questions about drug use. In this way, the American people can decide whether this is an issue which needs further attention. Accordingly, Governor George W. Bush is not justified in refusing to answer these questions.

"The use of cocaine is a felony, and cannot be dismissed as 'none of the public's business.'" If President Clinton has not used cocaine, let him say so himself -- rather than through his frequently wrong spokesman James Kennedy. The same is true for Governor Bush. It is time for both of them, and every pubic official, to be 'men' and let the public decide whether the circumstances of any drug use warrant any legal or other response," stated Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman.

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