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 For Immediate Release
Aug 30, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Use of "Race Card" Not New; Began in 1996 When Judicial Watch Deposed Huang and Sparked Campaign Finance Hearings

(Washington, August 30) Here we go again! Democrats and The White House have reactivated their now patented practice of branding anyone who questions their illegal conduct in the Chinagate scandal as anti-Asian and racist. The latest victim of this strategy, furthered by certain of their friends in the mainstream liberal media, is Notra Trulock, the valiant whistleblower at the Clinton Energy Department who exposed nuclear espionage to a timid Cox Committee, which later voted, on bi-partisan lines, not to recommend any punishment for the perpetrators.

In 1996, when Judicial Watch exposed John Huang, deposed him and sparked the Chinagate scandal, the Democratic National Committee began its plans to use the "race card." In memoranda obtained by Judicial Watch from the DNC, its operatives write: "We are very disturbed about all the media attention to Lippo Bank/John Huang. ... The DNC has got to say that the attack(ers) are racists. ... This is a race-based inquiry targeted at the Asian American community as a whole." In another memorandum from Bill Kaneko, APA Director, to then Co-Chairman Christopher Dodd, and one of the masterminds of the Chinese money laundering scheme, he wrote: "Since William Safire's attack in The New York Times three weeks ago, the APA community has embarked on a national effort to mitigate this Asian bashing syndrome." Later, Kaneko acknowledges to the other DNC Co-Chairman, and fellow Chinese money launderer Don Fowler: "Now, however, I believe it is essential for the DNC to take a direct response to address this issue...: "2. This is a race-based inquiry targeted a the Asian American community as a whole..." As reported by Michael Kelly, President Bill Clinton then began to refer to the burgeoning Chinagate scandal as an attack on Asian Americans in various speeches. See Washington Post of February 10, 1997: "The Yellow Peril Card."

With the Chinagate scandal again heating up -- particularly given the bi-partisan coverup on Capital Hill and at the Reno Justice Department -- the Democrats and The White House, using their friends in the Washington media establishment, have again rolled out the race card to attack Notra Trulock. "This cynical use of race has become a Clinton staple. If the issue is relevant in any way, which it is not, then we should ask why the white men and women, including Bill and Hillary Clinton, in The White House, have not been held accountable by Janet Reno's so-called Justice Department for the high crimes and misdemeanors which have been committed on the United States," stated Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman. In its seven lawsuits in Chinagate, Judicial Watch is seeking to hold these persons accountable, which Congress and the criminal justice system have failed to do. See Copies of the race card documents are available from Judicial Watch.

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