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Sep 1, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Hillary Clinton Runs The White House FEC Records Show She's A Candidate for President

Hillary Clinton "ruled the school...She was every bit as Presidential as [Bill Clinton] was, and we treated her that way." Linda Tripp's Sworn Testimony in Filegate Lawsuit

(Washington, September 1) Pointing to a mountain of evidence, including almost daily press reports, it is clear that Bill Clinton has ceded and continues to cede control of the Presidency to Hillary Rodham Clinton:

Uncontroverted sworn testimony from Linda Tripp shows that Hillary Clinton functioned as president in the Clinton White House "She ruled the school...She was every bit as Presidential as [Bill Clinton] was, and we treated her that way."

Evidence proves beyond a doubt that Hillary Clinton was the mastermind of Filegate hiring Craig Livingstone and others to commit political espionage using FBI files. The Clinton White House is now seeking to keep secret "smoking-gun" photos of Hillary Clinton with Craig Livingstone.

Hillary Clinton ordered Charles Ruff to initiate a Justice Department and FBI investigation into the slaying of Jewish student in New York.

Hillary Clinton ordered the firing of the White House Travel Office employees. Evidence shows that FBI and other confidential personnel information about these employees (including the FBI file of Billy Dale) was illegally used by Hillary Clinton's chief of staff and her other agents.

Respected reporter Michael Kelly has written that President Clinton's plan to commute the jail sentences of murderous Puerto Rican FALN terrorists is being pushed by Charles Ruff of the Hillary Clinton-controlled White House Counsel's Office in a likely effort to help Mrs. Clinton win Puerto Rican votes in her New York Senate bid.

Investigators have tied Hillary Clinton and her hires Webster Hubbell and Vincent Foster to the Waco holocaust.

Finally, FEC reports on the Internet reveal that Hillary Clinton is a candidate in 2000 for both the Presidency and the Senate.

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