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Sep 2, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Johnny Chung, Bob Dornan Among Featured Speakers

(Washington, September 2) In honor of Judicial Watch's 5th anniversary. The organization will host an Anniversary Gala and Conference in Pasadena, California on October 22, 23, 1999, in Pasadena, California. The celebration will kick-off with a rally on Friday, October 22 at the Memorial Park Amphitheater and continue on Saturday with an all-day conference at the Pasadena Hilton, leading up to a black-tie dinner gala.

Judicial Watch will use the conference and gala to celebrate its tremendous success over the past five years. The government watchdog group founded in 1994 by Chairman Larry Klayman has grown to a staff of about 30 full time employees (including 2 in the new district office in San Marino, California) and has scores of volunteers nationwide.

Although the group is steadfastly non-partisan, Judicial Watch's commitment to fighting government corruption has forced much of its recent focus of the Clinton administration. Currently, the organization has about 40 lawsuits pending against the administration and other high-level government officials for violations of the public trust. Judicial Watch is litigating such high profile cases as "Filegate" and "Chinagate."

"With the death of the Independent Counsel Law in June, Judicial Watch is the group left to police public officials," stated Klayman. "From past experience we know that we can't rely on the Washington establishment to police itself. Judicial Watch has a big job to do. And, as we celebrate our fifth anniversary, I am encouraged by what we have accomplished and am anxious about all that we will accomplish in the future."

In recognition of the vital role Judicial Watch plays in keeping elected officials and politicians honest, the conference and gala will feature many prominent speakers including former Congressman Bob Dornan, George Putnam, Ray Briem, Jane Chastain, Warren Duffy, Mark Larsen, and others.

Judicial Watch is especially pleased to have Johnny Chung, a key figure in "Chinagate," as a special guest and speaker. Chung will be presented with a Judicial Watch "Medal of Courage" for his bravery in facing physical threats to both himself and his family in response to his desire to come forward and tell the truth about what happened in Chinagate. That Chung would put his faith in Judicial Watch, not the Clinton Justice Department, speaks volumes about our non-partisan approach, success, and integrity.

Additionally, Judicial Watch will honor Reed Irvine Chairman of Accuracy in Media, with a "Medal of Journalistic Ethics," and Oakland Mayor, Jerry Brown, with the Judicial Watch "Medal of Valor," among other honorary presentations.

"In the last five years we have laid the groundwork for the most serious exposure of government corruption in the history of the nation," said Klayman. "I look forward to this time to celebrate all that we have accomplished over the past five years and to share with our supporters a little of what Judicial Watch has planned for the future."

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