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Sep 8, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Just Another "Washington Club" Politician Who Will Likely Compromise Justice; Congressional "Investigations" Also Likely to Fail

(Washington, September 8) Here we go again. Another politician and Washington Establishment figure is appointed to lead of probe of corruption in the nation's capital. The fact that Janet Reno wants John Danforth to lead the proposed Waco probe tells us something in and of itself.

Reno's and Louis Freeh's latest cover-up of the Waco scandal is just one part of a vast pattern of deceit by the Justice Department during the Clinton-Gore-Gingrich years, where both major political parties used scandal to score political points, not to seek justice. Indeed, just today we learn that another burgeoning scandal -- money laundering of U.S. assets by Boris Yelstin, his family and the Russian mob -- was made known to the Justice Department as early as last March. One must also assume it was made known to Congress in and around the same period. Certainly, the European press has been reporting on it for years.

Why then has no action been taken by either the Clinton Administration or the Republican Congress? The likely answer lies in the simple reality that some of the major banks and other business interests that are involved donate heavily to politicians of both parties. Thus, politicians on both sides of the aisle "shut up," until the story is thrust upon them by investigative journalists.

In this context of mutual political cover-up, the choice of ex-Senator Danforth, along with a yet to be chosen Democrat, to lead the Waco probe, is like having the fox investigate his own henhouse massacre. Danforth is pure Washington Establishment, and a politician first and foremost. Choosing him to conduct an investigation of Waco is a comfort to the other politicians in Washington who not only want only to score political points for the upcoming elections, but also avoid doing anything too harsh that might rock the boat. To really seek justice and appropriate penalties could set off a chain reaction in the justice system, where politicians of all stripes might, for once, be held accountable by the powers that be. This, after all, is too much for the Washington fat cats to bear.

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