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 For Immediate Release
Sep 9, 1999 Contact: Press Office

Judicial Watch Lauds Lott's Call for Reno Resignation

(Washington, September 9) Judicial Watch was pleased to read reports that Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott has joined in Judicial Watch's call for Attorney General Janet Reno's resignation. Lott's statements regarding Reno's behavior: "...I think the attorney General is falling into a pattern of not showing competence...", "...It's based on the pattern now that has developed over 6 years...that leads me to conclude that the Attorney General should resign," echoes the stance that Judicial Watch has taken for many years.

Hoping that Lott's pronouncement is not just lip service to an outraged American electorate as the 2000 elections approach, Judicial Watch encourages the Majority Leader and the Congress to take action. "If Lott wants to be taken seriously, he needs to set a time certain by which she should resign. If she doesn't resign by that time, then she should be impeached and removed" stated Larry Klayman, Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel. "Reno has proven time and again that she is neither honest nor competent. The Congress puts the American people at great risk the longer they allow her to remain as Attorney General" said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

The ball is in the Republican-led Congress' court and it is time for it to put political rhetoric and expedience aside and put America's best interests first. The Congress should give Ms. Reno a deadline to step down. If she does not, then Majority Leader Lott should consult with House leaders to draft articles of impeachment. It is time to put words into action.

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