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 For Immediate Release
Sep 10, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Complaint Alleges That Mrs. Clinton and Others Harassed Her Over Refusal to Violate Laws Preventing Political Use of WhoDB "Big Brother" Database

Case Placed On Eastern District of Virginia's "Rocket Docket"

(Washington, September 10) Hillary Clinton, Marsha Scott and others in the Clinton White House have been sued in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia by Sheryl Hall, a White House employee who expressed reservations about the legality of a scheme to use The White House computer system, known as WhoDB, for political and other improper purposes. When Mrs. Hall balked, she was harassed and retaliated against, causing her great emotional distress and other harm.

Ironically, Mrs. Hall first contacted Judicial Watch during the deposition of Harold Ickes in the Filegate class action lawsuit. She visited Judicial Watch's offices, unannounced, while the deposition was in session. The White House lawyers that were then in Judicial Watch's conference room where the deposition took place, which fronts the lobby and has glass partitions, recognized her. Since then, Judicial Watch has agreed to represent her in this suit and generally.

Mrs. Hall is the first "John Dean" type whistleblower to come forward from the current Clinton White House. She and her husband Don are American heros. It is noteworthy that she would put her trust in Judicial Watch, the public interest, non-partisan government watchdog, and not the Clinton Justice Department or Congress, who have either covered up wrongdoing or have done little to combat it during the Clinton Administration.

The WhoDB computer system was the "brainchild" of Hillary Clinton and in addition to being used for illegal political purposes, to track and solicit campaign contributions with the Democratic National Committee, Judicial Watch believes that it also was used to input the FBI files of Republicans and others in the Filegate scandal.

"Thank God for true Americans like Sheryl and Don Hall, patriots who put their country first and are not afraid of the evil lurking in this White House," stated Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman. The complaint will be placed on Judicial Watch's website at

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