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Sep 15, 1999 Contact: Press Office

Computer supervisor sues first lady, charging reprisal

Republicans Go For "Easy Hit" On Waco

(Washington, September 15)Judicial Watch, a non-profit law firm that exposes and prosecutes government corruption, called on Congress today to expand any investigation into the Justice Department on Waco to include the other important aspects of Janet Reno's misconduct - namely, Chinagate.

"We question why Republicans are hot to trot on Janet Reno's and her FBI's corruption on Waco, but have virtually ignored her equally serious corruption on Chinagate, about which they already have ample evidence," stated Larry Klayman, Judicial Watch Chairman.

"Republicans would rather rake Janet Reno over the coals for Waco, than for Chinagate. Both are equally serious, and Reno should be raked over the coals, but the difference with Waco is that no Republican donors were involved," he added.

Senator John McCain told Judicial Watch that one of the reasons that Chinagate won't be seriously investigated by Congress is because Republican donors are involved.

Judicial Watch is prosecuting several cases concerning Chinagate and obtained Court rulings highlighting Janet Reno's Justice Department stonewalling, lying, and obstruction in this area. In fact, the Court criticized the Reno Justice Department for failing to take any serious action on the illegalities that Judicial Watch uncovered. Copies of these Court rulings are available at the Judicial Watch Internet site,

"Judicial Watch sought for years to obtain legible copies of accused spy John Huang's desk diaries, yet Janet Reno refused to make them available. The Court had to force her to do so and commented that the diaries had been withheld ‘without reasonable explanation.' Doesn't that sound like what Reno has done with Waco documents?" Klayman said.

"If Republicans make a political circus out of Waco and ignore Chinagate, it shows they're not serious and are nearly as derelict as the Clintonites they are investigating," concluded Klayman.

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