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Sep 23, 1999 Contact: Press Office


Congressional Testimony By FBI Nothing New

Where Have Republicans Been For The Last Four Years?

(Washington, September 23, 1999) During yesterday's hearing before the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee ("The Thompson Committee"), FBI agents testified how Laura Ingersoll and the rest of Attorney General Reno's handpicked Chinagate investigative lawyers have obstructed and ruined their efforts to fully probe violations of the campaign finance laws and breaches of national security by the Clinton Administration.

Reasonable people must ask why Republicans have just now, on the eve of the 2000 elections, taken a perceived interest in what Judicial Watch, Robert Novak, William Safire and others have known for years. Indeed, over one year ago, Judicial Watch, in its Interim Impeachment Report to Congress, revealed that FBI agents assigned to investigate the illegal sale of seats on trade missions were ready to quit because they had been blocked by the Clinton Justice Department from doing their job.

"The public should not be fooled into believing that the Thompson Committee and Congressional Republican leaders are serious about investigating the corruption at the Clinton Justice Department. Indeed, just today a picture appeared in The Washington Times showing a cordial and smiling Janet Reno with Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch. (See Unfortunately, the American people are being treated to more "circus shideshows, for political consumption, as the 2000 election cycle begins. The only demonstration of true Republican resolve to address the widespread corruption at the Clinton Justice Department, is to begin impeachment proceedings immediately of Janet Reno. In short, its time to ‘put up or shut up'," stated Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman. "Anything less is insulting to the intelligence of the American people," he added.

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