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 For Immediate Release
Sep 30, 1999 Contact: Press Office


(Washington, D.C.) At a press conference today, in discussing the illegal New York mansion loan, the President personally attacked Larry Klayman and stated:

Q: Why wouldn't Bowles and Rubin help?

A: THE PRESIDENT: They were I don't have anything to say about that. McAuliffe called me the first thing when I was talking to him, and he said, look, if you can get somebody else to do it, fine. I think because everybody thought it was a legitimate business arrangement. No one thought there was anything wrong with it, all the people I talked to about it, and all the people anybody else talked to about it. I think some people didn't want to do it because they know they live in a world where they live in the Larry Klayman political press world in which what's true is not as important as whether you can be dragged around, you have to spend a lot of money you don't have or you'd rather not spend for reasons that have nothing to do with anything that's real.

In response, Mr. Klayman issued the following statement:
"It seems that the President is a bit testy these days after 38 scandals and an impeachment proceeding. Unlike Congress and Ken Starr, Judicial Watch will not rest until Mr. Clinton is brought to justice. Mr. Clinton's defensiveness and personal attack on me is because he knows that Judicial Watch will hold him accountable, legally."
Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit earlier this week against Bill and Hillary Clinton, Terence McAuliffe and Deutsche Bank/Bankers Trust to prevent the illegal home mortgage loan. A copy of the complaint and Judicial Watch's request that the Court order that the loan be stopped is available on the Judicial Watch Internet site at

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