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Oct 7, 1999 Contact: Press Office


The Senator Is No Diamond In The Rough


(Washington, D.C.) William Safire, one of the finest journalists in the country, has been ahead of most other journalists in expressing criticism and disdain for the breakdown of law enforcement during the Chinagate scandal.

However, in his column today, Safire unfortunately chooses Arlen Specter as the would be savior to clean up the Chinagate scandal by seeking justice. Senator Specter, who has studied "Scottish law" in great detail, and who secured an NEA appointment from President Clinton for his wife just before the impeachment vote, and who, according to the Washington Times, is deeply involved in the recent Teamsters scandal, was exalted as "the one" who, through his new subcommittee, will crack open the Chinagate scandal. Unfortunately, he should not be the one investigating the campaign finance scandals, but instead should be one of the politicians who should be the "investigated."

Judicial Watch has new source information that Arlen Specter is a part of the Teamsters scandal. But he will not be pursued thanks to the mutual defense pact of Democrat and Republican senators not to hold each other accountable.

"Mr. Safire, one of the finest journalists in American history, must put aside his friendship with Senator Specter and his Republican heritage and continue to write critically of the failure of both parties to clean up corruption. The public is tired of sham Senate and House proceedings clearly designed to win votes at election time from the American voters who unfortunately don't read much or follow the news very carefully," stated Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman.

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