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 For Immediate Release
Oct 7, 1999 Contact: Press Office


(Washington, D.C.) In recent weeks, George W. Bush has embarked upon what is obviously a campaign orchestrated by his father to pander to the Establishment in the hopes that he will continue his front-running status as the darling of the "middle-of-the-road" America he hopes to woo in the 2000 election. Recently, in his zeal to be "liked," he has even attacked Judge Robert Bork and those fellow conservatives who believe in Judeo-Christian ethics and the rule of law by claiming they are simply "negativists."

Judicial Watch is nonpartisan and could frankly care less who wins the next election, particularly since no one seems to be seriously discussing a return to honest government from the current state of rampant government corruption. However, Judicial Watch will be critical of any candidate who dismisses the need of this nation to return to its ethical, legal, and religious roots, since the country is now sinking into a moral abyss. This is particularly apparent when the leading candidate of the opposition party would rather pander to the Establishment than clean up the mess.

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